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It wasn’t what you might call an easy birth. Poor Hay­ley Slater stum­bled around Wal­ford while in labour, be­fore end­ing up on the floor of a lo­cal crack den! Ad­vice from read­ers flooded in… Talk about be­ing your own worst en­emy! I was scream­ing at the TV (qui­etly!) telling Hay­ley to just tell some­one and ask for help! It’s been a few years now, but I can re­mem­ber go­ing into labour with my two, and I cer­tainly wasn’t up to steer­ing a taxi in a three-point turn as the con­trac­tions came – let alone de­liver my own child with­out help or pain re­lief!

| Lucy I know Easten­ders is fa­mous for be­ing de­press­ing, and it cer­tainly did noth­ing to shake that rep­u­ta­tion in this week’s episodes where Hay­ley Slater gave birth. It was al­most un­bear­ably grim.

| Camille For one reader, it re­ally was too much to take…

I watch Easten­ders with my daugh­ter (12) be­cause it of­ten leads us to hav­ing in­ter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tions about adult is­sues. How­ever, the amount of blood shown on screen this week was wor­thy of an 18-cer­tifi­cate hor­ror film. I know it was Hal­loween, but I’m amazed the BBC al­lowed this pro­gramme to be shown. Hay­ley in her blood-soaked dress was like a vic­tim from a slasher movie. I had no choice but to switch it off.

| Mrs M Brown

Let’s end this dis­cus­sion on a happy note, though…

It’s taken a long time, yet I ac­tu­ally re­ally like Hay­ley now. She de­serves a break, and some proper friends. She should move in with Ma­sood’s lovely aun­tie – who’ll be glad to have her!

| Cat G

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