Prince keeps his se­cret from Lily


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Lily reaches break­ing point over Prince’s odd be­hav­iour this week – but will he tell her what’s go­ing on be­fore he pushes her away for­ever?

Lily’s hus­band has been act­ing strangely – re­ject­ing her ad­vances, hav­ing mood swings and even punch­ing Louis after van­dal­is­ing the school. Lit­tle does she know, though, that Prince is hav­ing a ter­ri­fy­ing time after find­ing a lump on one of his tes­ti­cles…

“Lily is in for a re­ally tough and emo­tional week,” sighs Lau­ren Mcqueen, who plays Lily. “Nor­mally Prince is pulling her in for a kiss, yet now he’s just dodg­ing her. She knows some­thing isn’t right – and so she’s get­ting very con­cerned about him.”

Dur­ing this time, Lily has placed her trust in her and Prince’s lodger, Romeo – whom Lily re­cently slept with. But de­spite the fact that he knows all about Prince’s health scare, Romeo has kept quiet to get closer to un­sus­pect­ing Lily.

“If Lily dis­cov­ered that Romeo knew the truth about Prince, she’d kill him!” ex­claims Lau­ren. “She’s con­fided in Romeo so much re­cently. Lily re­ally trusts him – she’ll be very an­gry with him when she finds out.”

To fur­ther force apart Lily and Prince, Romeo then sug­gests to his love that her hubby is hav­ing an af­fair! As her frus­tra­tion with Prince’s sus­pi­cious be­hav­iour reaches boil­ing point, Lily con­fronts him – and ac­cuses him of cheat­ing on her! The ar­gu­ment is huge, leav­ing Prince reel­ing and their mar­riage in jeop­ardy.

“In that mo­ment, Prince re­ally wants to tell Lily what he’s go­ing through,” sighs Lau­ren. “But he doesn’t want to hurt her – and he’s ter­ri­fied that Lily will start self-harm­ing again if she finds out. So Prince feels that it’s in her best in­ter­est to just not know.”

After Lily’s al­le­ga­tion, poor Prince reaches a sad

If Lily found out that Romeo knew about Prince, she’d kill him!”

con­clu­sion that Lily is bet­ter off with­out him and ends their re­la­tion­ship – the mar­riage is over! Will this give Romeo his chance to be with Lily once and for all? “All week,

Lily is think­ing that a breakup is what it’s go­ing to come down to,” re­veals Lau­ren. “But still, she’s so scared to hear that Prince doesn’t want to be with her any more. Lily’s ab­so­lutely heart­bro­ken.”

While poorly Prince faces a hospi­tal ap­point­ment alone this week, Lily is left weigh­ing up her op­tions.

“I think she wants to be with Prince,” Lau­ren tells us. “Al­though at the same time, Romeo has a dif­fer­ent kind of charm – she can’t re­sist him. Lily feels as if he’s the only one that’s been there for her, so she just keeps go­ing back to him…”

Prince turns his back on his wife in or­der to pro­tect her

Alien­ated by her hus­band’s be­hav­iour, Lily finds her­self more en­am­oured with Romeo

Prince has con­fided in his best friend – un­aware that Romeo is only out for him­self

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