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Louise de­cides to move on from Kee­gan this fort­night – and se­duces his brother, Keanu! “Phil might have yet an­other rea­son to take a swing for Keanu if he finds out about this!” gasps our Wal­ford in­sider. “Keanu was do­ing the dirty with Phil’s wife Sharon – and now he’s dar­ing to hook up with his daugh­ter too! Phil is un­aware of all of this, but for how long?”

The sit­u­a­tion arises af­ter Keanu wrongly be­lieves that Sharon is com­ing home for Christ­mas. Ex­cited at the prospect of see­ing his lover again, Keanu buys her a gift. How­ever, when Louise catches Keanu and ques­tions him, she jumps to the con­clu­sion that the present is for her! She’s touched by the ges­ture, and it starts her think­ing…

“Louise is a ro­man­tic at heart and just wants to be loved,” reck­ons our spy. “You’ll re­call that she made a move on Ray a few weeks ago, and when he re­jected her, she ran straight into the arms of Kee­gan. And now, hav­ing spent so much time with Keanu for her driv­ing lessons, she’s pin­ing for him!”

A cou­ple of days later, Kee­gan in­vites Louise over to the Tay­lors’ for din­ner, keen to rec­on­cile with her. As the fam­ily sits at the table,

Kee­gan fo­cusses on try­ing to win back Louise – un­for­tu­nately for him, how­ever, she’s in­stead mak­ing eyes at his brother!

Mean­while, Keanu is con­sumed by thoughts of Sharon and strug­gles to fo­cus on his food, till he re­ceives a voice­mail

Louise is a ro­man­tic at heart – she just wants to be loved!”

mes­sage from his ab­sent lover. But will it be the news he wants to hear? A lit­tle later, Louise stum­bles across Keanu skulk­ing around at the Arches, where she stuns him by pulling him close to her, and kiss­ing him. And al­though he ini­tially pulls away, his re­solve quickly weak­ens and he kisses her back! “Keanu has man­aged to ride his luck so far,” sighs our mole. “He surely can’t ride this one out, though. Can things re­ally get any more tan­gled be­fore Phil finds out, and un­leashes his fury?”

Kee­gan is keen to get things with Louise back on track

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