“Sally, I slept with your sis­ter!”


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Can Sally for­give Tim? I don’t think so – it’s un­for­giv­able…”

Jailed Sally gets the worst Christ­mas sur­prise imag­in­able this week – when her hubby Tim con­fesses to sleep­ing with Gina.

Af­ter wak­ing up be­side his sis­ter-in­law fol­low­ing a drunken night, Tim is dis­gusted with him­self and de­cides the only way for­ward is to be hon­est. How is he feel­ing as he pre­pares to shat­ter his mar­riage with the bomb­shell?

“Tim is ut­terly dev­as­tated that he’s done some­thing like this!” shares Joe Dut­tine, who plays the cheat­ing hubby. “He was very, very drunk the night be­fore. But the thing about Sally and Tim is that they’re monog­a­mous, they love each other and they are loyal. They don’t go off and have af­fairs. So Tim just can’t be­lieve that he’s done this.”

Tim’s hor­ri­fied when his daugh­ter Faye tells him that she spied him and Gina in the bed he shares with Sally. Be­fore long, she’s not the only mem­ber of the fam­ily who knows what hap­pened, as fu­ri­ous So­phie dis­cov­ers what’s been go­ing on.

“It’s an event­ful Christ­mas Day in the Met­calfe house, and I think it’s go­ing to be very good view­ing,” teases Joe. “Tim is ac­cused of not car­ing about Sally be­ing in jail, be­ing out drunk, and phi­lan­der­ing. I don’t know how a fam­ily would over­come a man sleep­ing with his wife’s sis­ter.”

We know that Gina has been nurs­ing a crush on Tim for months, and she’s ma­nip­u­lated the sit­u­a­tion to try to take Sally’s place in his heart. So, as Tim heads to prison to sit down Sally and con­fess all, is Gina about to get what she wants?

“No mat­ter how drunk you are, you kind of know what you are do­ing,” muses Joe. “Tim can’t keep a lie, so he sees Sally in prison on Christ­mas Day and tells her what he did. Can she for­give him? I don’t think so – it’s pretty un­for­giv­able, isn’t it?”

This has got to be the worst few months of Sally’s life, and it does look as if the Met­calfe mar­riage could be over. Would Joe be up­set if this Weather­field cou­ple be­gins the new year split up?

“Yes! I want to pro­tect Tim and Sally as we put a lot of time into our char­ac­ters and that re­la­tion­ship – we kind of nick it off the writ­ers,” he says. “So, when new writ­ers come in and sug­gest stuff, you go, ‘No, you can’t do that!’ We’ve had such pos­i­tive feed­back about Tim and Sally, and they’re a like­able cou­ple. It would be a shame to go down the split route.”

How­ever, with Gina med­dling, Sally heart­bro­ken and Tim com­ing un­der fire, it doesn’t look as though there will be much Christ­mas cheer for any of them…

Tim wakes up with a lot more than a bad hang­over

Poor Sally is set to be dev­as­tated by Tim’s con­fes­sion

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