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Mary is thrilled this fort­night, as her pri­vate de­tec­tive comes up trumps and tracks down Jude in Black­pool. Mary wastes no time in rac­ing af­ter her son – and can’t hide her hap­pi­ness on see­ing him again. But her re­lief is short-lived, once she meets Jude’s new other half – who’s un­der the im­pres­sion that Jude is a sur­geon… “Can you be­lieve it? Jude is up to his old tricks again al­ready!” tuts our Cor­rie in­sider. “He left the Street in dis­grace – hav­ing fibbed to his wife Angie for years about be­ing a ma­rine bi­ol­o­gist, be­fore ly­ing that he’d saved Roy’s life. He’s put his poor mum through hell since go­ing AWOL, and she was start­ing to be­lieve that he might be dead. He’ll wish he was once Mary works out what he’s up to now!”

Hav­ing roped in Roy for moral sup­port on the trip to Black­pool, Mary and her pal lo­cate Jude – and she im­me­di­ately begs him to re­turn to Weather­field with her. Jude claims that he can’t leave be­cause he owes £500 to the owner of the B&B he’s stay­ing at – but Mary is hav­ing none of that. Dash­ing off to a cash­point, she self­lessly pro­ceeds to draw out the funds Jude needs. And while she’s gone, Jude’s new girl­friend Kelly emerges.

“De­spite ev­ery­thing, Mary doesn’t think twice about bail­ing out Jude,” sighs our sneak. “But it’s Roy who first re­alises what Jude is up to, when this Kelly woman

Jude’s new girl­friend refers to the fella as ‘Dr Ken Bar­low’!”

refers to the fella as ‘Dr Ken Bar­low’ – the cheek of it! Even af­ter Mary’s been brought up to speed with her un­trust­wor­thy son’s lat­est ruse, though, she’s still not ready to cut all ties…”

Gen­er­ously hand­ing over the cash that she’s promised Jude, Mary tells her son that she’ll be wait­ing in the car for him while he clears his debt and packs up. Once again giv­ing her boy the ben­e­fit of the doubt, Mary is hop­ing against hope that Jude might fi­nally see sense and join her. But is she right to be­lieve he’ll fi­nally do the no­ble thing – or is the poor woman about to have her heart bro­ken all over again?

Jude’s new girl­friend be­lieves her other half is a sur­geon!

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