Gail turns de­tec­tive!


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Gail be­comes a su­per-sleuth this fort­night, as she reck­ons that she’s caught her mother’s lover Lewis dat­ing an­other woman!

When Gail ar­rives back from Mi­lan, she’s ini­tially fu­ri­ous to find out that she is the last per­son to know about Nick’s se­cret wife. How­ever, she soon makes up for that when she be­comes the per­son who catches ly­ing con man Lewis get­ting up to no good!

“Gail has good rea­son to be dis­trust­ful of Lewis,” reck­ons our Corona­tion Street source. “But even so, as she fol­lows the fella out into the back yard of the Rovers, where he’s tak­ing a dis­creet phone call, she can’t be­lieve what she’s hear­ing!”

Af­ter con­fer­ring with Carla, who ad­vises her to play Lewis at his own game, Gail turns into a proper Miss Marple. Slip­ping her hand into Lewis’ coat pocket, she steals the de­vi­ous chap’s di­ary and makes a note of his up­com­ing ar­range­ments.

So when Lewis later leaves the pub, mak­ing out he has a hair ap­point­ment, Gail is straight on to him!

Snoop­ing Gail is right to smell a rat – and as she fol­lows Lewis to a posh ho­tel, she spots him spend­ing time win­ing and din­ing a very glam­ourous mid­dle-aged lady. While Gail watches on, she pa­tiently waits for a prime op­por­tu­nity to get the in­crim­i­nat­ing ev­i­dence she needs…

“Gail gets her chance when Lewis leads the woman up­stairs to his ho­tel room,” re­veals our snitch. “Af­ter duck­ing down out of sight, Gail is able to pop up at the vi­tal mo­ment to take a sneaky pic­ture of the pair go­ing in­side! What will Au­drey have to say when she finds out?”

Gail pops up at the vi­tal mo­ment to take a pic­ture”

Re­turn­ing with her photo, Gail tells Nick about her find­ings, only to dis­cover that she’s in­stead taken a selfie by mis­take! Nev­er­the­less, Gail urges Nick to trans­fer Au­drey’s cash to an­other bank ac­count, well away from the grasp of Lewis, and then re­veals ev­ery­thing she wit­nessed to her mum.

Un­sur­pris­ingly, Au­drey is rocked by Gail’s claims, and so con­fronts Lewis about them over din­ner. How­ever, with­out any proof, will the smooth-talk­ing fella be able to con­vince Au­drey that there’s a com­pletely in­no­cent ex­pla­na­tion?

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