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Louis Love­day has cer­tainly be­come a man in de­mand – and this fort­night, he pre­pares for his sec­ond wed­ding this year!

Over the past few months, Louis has been string­ing along three women – his ex-wife Si­mone, his cur­rent wife (and for­mer sis­ter-in-law) Mar­tine, and the mother of his tod­dler Daniel, Leela. Leela re­cently popped the ques­tion, and Louis felt he had no op­tion but to say yes – so how’s he feel­ing now the big day is here? “Louis is very con­flicted!” says Karl Collins, who plays the groom-to-be.

“Leela has had so much up­set over the years, and he feels duty-bound. If she had just sug­gested the idea of mar­riage, he would’ve some­how wormed his way out of it. But she was on her knees, so there was no way he could say no!” How­ever, Leela and Louis’ spe­cial day doesn’t go to plan. With all three women in the same room, what does he ex­pect? “In the morn­ing, Louis wakes up in the arms of Si­mone in Price Slice,” laughs Karl. “Then he goes to the church, and Leela’s com­ing down the aisle look­ing gor­geous. He sees these women and won­ders if they’re go­ing to call him out.

“If they all dis­cover the truth, then they might be serv­ing him up on a plat­ter,” adds the ac­tor. “They’ll be like the three Mac­beth witches, putting all sorts of spells on him. And if they don’t get him, then his son Zack def­i­nitely will!”

Zack hap­pens to spot Si­mone and

Louis shar­ing a kiss, so urges his mum to fight for his dad. And Karl thinks that she is who Louis’ heart truly lies with.

2019 is go­ing to be a very try­ing time for Louis…”

“Af­ter all of this, Louis knows that his one true love is Si­mone,” sighs Karl. “He’s def­i­nitely been a bit of a wild one and they say, ‘Once a cheat, al­ways a cheat,’ – but I don’t be­lieve that. Truly, I think Louis be­lieves that this jour­ney has been to re­dis­cover his re­la­tion­ship with Si­mone.”

We reckon Louis will surely soon get his come­up­pance – he can’t con­tinue to hide three re­la­tion­ships with­out be­ing ex­posed…

“2019 will be a very try­ing time,” re­veals Karl. “It’s all go­ing to come thick and fast for Louis Love­day!”

Si­mone ends up back in the arms of her for­mer hus­band…

…and their tryst is rum­bled by their shocked son Zack

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