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Cain’s world is set to crum­ble this week, when he con­fesses to daugh­ter Deb­bie that he killed her fi­ancé Joe. As the knowl­edge that her for­mer hus­band-to-be is dead – and at her fa­ther’s hands – starts sink­ing in, it’s a hor­rific time for Deb­bie.

Heart­bro­ken by the fact that his re­la­tion­ship with his adored girl will never be the same again, Cain can barely cope with the night­mare of his predica­ment. And af­ter scared Deb­bie reels while in her dad’s pres­ence, Cain’s wife Moira finds her­self on the re­ceiv­ing end of a vi­o­lent out­burst…

“What a hideous state of af­fairs!” wails our Em­merdale spy. “Cain has been to hell and back since Joe died, with his con­science killing him. But the worst thing is that he’s not the mur­derer – Gra­ham is! Yet here he is, forced to tell his daugh­ter that her fi­ancé is dead be­cause of him. Deb­bie is dev­as­tated – and Cain is driven to the very edge.”

It’s af­ter Deb­bie is asked to iden­tify a body that this sorry sit­u­a­tion be­gins to un­ravel. When Deb­bie bot­tles the grisly task at the last minute, Cain of­fers to take her place. But while the body isn’t Joe’s, the anx­ious mo­ment causes poor Deb­bie to break down and ad­mit to her dad that she can’t move on with­out Joe. And so Cain is forced to come clean.

“He just can’t live with the bur­den of his hor­ri­ble se­cret any more,” sighs our sneak. “Of course, Deb­bie is knocked for six by what her fa­ther is telling her, and flees in shock. While Cain is plunged into even deeper de­spair, his daugh­ter seeks out the coun­sel of Gra­ham, the man who re­ally did kill her beloved Joe!”

How­ever, as Deb­bie tells Gra­ham that Joe is dead, Joe’s sin­is­ter side­kick is stunned, and de­mands to be told how Deb­bie knows. Af­ter­wards, he’s straight on the phone to Cain, who storms into Home Farm – where Deb­bie is ter­ri­fied at just the sight of him.

Worse is to come, though, as Cain re­veals that Gra­ham was also in­volved in Joe’s death – but Deb­bie is too scared to stay and hear him out. The fol­low­ing day, af­ter Deb­bie finds out that Moira also knew what Cain had done, Cain can take no more, and he snaps.

“Cain has lost all rea­son, although there can be no ex­cuse for how vi­o­lently he launches him­self at Moira,” says our source. “She knows

Cain can’t live with the bur­den of his hor­ri­ble se­cret any more…”

bet­ter than any­one just what her hus­band has been en­dur­ing these past few weeks – and she’d go to the ends of the earth in or­der to pro­tect him. She’s his ul­ti­mate ally, but as he loses his rag and the red mist de­scends, rag­ing Cain is in­ca­pable of spar­ing a thought for his long-suf­fer­ing wife…”

Can ei­ther of the most pre­cious women in Cain’s life man­age to for­give him for his sins – or are his days of be­ing a much-loved dad and hus­band well and truly over?

Gra­ham is rat­tled af­ter Deb­bie tells him that Joe is dead

Frus­trated Cain loses it, and Moira is vic­tim to a vi­o­lent out­burst

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