Use an iOS de­vice as a wire­less hotspot

The per­sonal hotspot fea­ture on your iOS de­vice can bail you out when a broad­band con­nec­tion isn’t avail­able. Nick Me­diati shows how

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Back in Jan­uary, while I was help­ing or sis­ter site PCWorld with CES cov­er­age, the in­ter­net blinked out. Af­ter scur­ry­ing around the house in a panic – I was in the mid­dle of a story – my sis­ter came to the res­cue with her iPad, which she set up as an in­ter­net hot spot.

Set­ting up a wire­less hotspot on your iOS de­vice is a sim­ple process, and it’s use­ful for more than bail­ing out freaked-out tech jour­nal­ists. Here’s how to go about it.

Be­fore you be­gin, you’ll need to make sure your cel­lu­lar ser­vice plan sup­ports the wire­less hotspot fea­ture. If it doesn’t, check with your car­rier for plan pric­ing and avail­abil­ity. Also, you’ll need to make sure your iPhone or iPad has mobile data switched on. Lastly, keep in mind that any data you use will most likely count against your plan’s data cap, so you’ll want to avoid down­load­ing mas­sive files while on the hotspot.

Set­ting up and con­nect­ing to a hotspot

Open the Set­tings app and tap Per­sonal Hotspot (it’s listed as Cel­lu­lar Data on the iPad). Then, on the next screen, tap the Per­sonal Hotspot switch so it’s in the ‘on’ po­si­tion (the switch will turn green). Next, make a note of your Wi-Fi pass­word listed on this screen. If you don’t have Wi-Fi en­abled on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be asked to switch it on at this point. Now, go to your Mac or PC, pop open the Wi-Fi net­work menu, then se­lect your iOS de­vice’s name and en­ter the pass­word as you would nor­mally do when you con­nect to a Wi-Fi net­work. When you’re done, go back to Set­tings > Per­sonal Hotspot (or Set­tings > Cel­lu­lar Data > Per­sonal Hotspot) and switch off the hotspot.

Us­ing In­stant Hotspot

If you’ve got an iPhone or cel­lu­lar-equipped iPad run­ning iOS 8 or later and a Mac run­ning OS X Yosemite or later – and you have both de­vices set up un­der the same Ap­ple ID – you can eas­ily use ac­ti­vate your iOS de­vice’s hotspot fea­ture from the com­fort of your own Mac. For

this to work, both de­vices need to meet Ap­ple’s Con­ti­nu­ity sys­tem re­quire­ments. From there, it’s a sim­ple mat­ter of se­lect­ing the hotspot-en­abled iOS de­vice from the Wi-Fi menu in your Mac’s menu bar.

This method works be­tween iOS de­vices signed in un­der the same Ap­ple ID: Go to Set­tings > Wi-Fi on the de­vice you want to con­nect to the hotspot, then se­lect the hotspot-en­abled iPhone or iPad.

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