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Two hun­dred. That’s how many is­sues there have been of your favourite Ja­panese tun­ing mag­a­zine since its launch edi­ton back in Novem­ber 1999. How things have changed! While back then we were talk­ing about tun­ing your Ja­panese joy toy to hit the heady heights of 150mph, in this lat­est is­sue we’re ex­plain­ing how you can top 200mph! Check it out on page 71.

But it’s not just the bench­mark for top speeds that have changed dra­mat­i­cally as, since its in­cep­tion, the Ja­panese per­for­mance scene has wit­nessed an ex­plo­sion of cre­ativ­ity and de­vel­op­ment un­like any other. For ex­am­ple, what other scene has such di­ver­sity of gen­res at its heart? Retro, modern, stanced, styled or tuned, own­ers of Ja­panese cars have em­braced them all. And then there’s the dom­i­nance of Ja­panese ma­chin­ery in the field of com­pet­i­tive mo­tor­sport. Time At­tack, sprint­ing, drag rac­ing, drift­ing or Gymkhana – name the dis­ci­pline and you’ll find a tuned Ja­panese car at the top of the tree.

Of course, way back at the end of the ’90s few peo­ple in the UK had heard about Time At­tack or the art of drift­ing, and a large part of the pop­u­lar­ity of the sports to­day can be di­rectly at­trib­uted to mag­a­zines like Ja­panese Per­for­mance spot­ting th­ese niche pas­times, see­ing the po­ten­tial and open­ing their read­ers’ eyes to th­ese cool new com­pe­ti­tions. And over the years we’ve fea­tured just about every sig­nif­i­cant and ground­break­ing car there has been and this 200th is­sue is no dif­fer­ent, with Stephen ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni’s lat­est drift mon­ster grac­ing our cover. It’s a Nis­san R35 GT-R with a 1200bhp tur­bocharged V8 that has split opin­ion and bro­ken the in­ter­net. You can get the ex­clu­sive in­side story of the build from the man him­self on page 18. There’s even a huge dou­ble-sided A1 poster free with this is­sue to cel­e­brate this unique and frankly in­sane ma­chine! Else­where we have an­other opin­ion di­vid­ing ride in the form of a 500bhp Impreza P1 on air­ride. It may make the purists froth at the mouth, but we love it! And that’s not all, as there’s a rad­i­cal RX-7, a track­tuned, road driven Mit­subishi Evo VI, a pocket rocket Toy­ota Glanza and a hard-slammed S2000 that needs to be seen to be be­lieved! So while many things have in­deed changed since that iconic first is­sue back in ’99, the one thing that has cer­tainly stayed the same is that Ja­panese Per­for­mance con­tin­ues to bring you the best in Far East­ern car cul­ture from the UK and around the world, and long may it con­tinue. En­joy!

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