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Air ride is a big deal on the mod­i­fied mo­tor scene, with af­ter­mar­ket sus­pen­sion man­u­fac­turer, AIR­REX, do­ing its best to lead the charge. No mat­ter how im­pres­sive rais­ing and low­er­ing your car is, how­ever, the fact re­mains that air sus­pen­sion con­trol sys­tems aren’t any­where near as cool as the ef­fect they de­liver. That’s about to change thanks to AIR­REX’S new iphone app. Es­sen­tially, the app con­nects to the AIR­REX ECU via its Wifi sig­nal chip, al­low­ing you to ‘lay frame’ us­ing an in­tu­itive re­mote user in­ter­face. All that’s re­quired is a swipe of your fin­ger or the touch of a soft key to pro­voke gasps of ad­mi­ra­tion from any­one watch­ing your car lift­ing and low­er­ing it­self off the ground! A built-in Auto Level func­tion en­sures that the host ve­hi­cle adopts your pre­ferred ride height when its engine is started. An app for those who use phones run­ning on the An­droid plat­form is cur­rently in de­vel­op­ment.

Price: Free for new cus­tomers run­ning pres­sure-based sus­pen­sion Con­tact: App Store on your iphone

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