Jet Attitude International

Welcome on board

- Alexander Torres

Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome on board Jet Attitude

We will shortly take off, destinatio­n, Las Vegas for the NBAA BACE, the unmissable business aviation event. After departure you will be served Swiss airline first class meal by awarded chef Silvio Germann. Cruising at up to 51.000 feet, you will enjoy the smoothest ride ever and the comfort of the quite club suite configurat­ion onboard the Learjet 75 Liberty by Bombardier. You will also have the opportunit­y to get your hands on a selection of luxury items we have selected just for you, such as, watches, jewellery, and decoration pieces.

For all our nostalgic guests transiting in New York, we have booked for you the TWA hotel in JFK, where you will experience the golden age of commercial aviation. Or experience the finest comfort in the futuristic looking, spaceship like, Vik hotel located in the heart of the Chilean vineyards in the Millahue Valley.

We have many more surprises just for you along the journey. So please, sit back, relax and enjoy the Jet Attitude experience.


 ??  ?? Breakfast on board Qatar Airways - Business Class
Breakfast on board Qatar Airways - Business Class
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