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Celebrated interior decorator Jacques Grange has restyled the restaurant whilst preserving the very soul of the legendary town house and home of Marie-laure de Noailles. At the bar on the first floor under a chandelier of 157 lights, guests can enjoy one of our trademark cocktails in the glass of their choice. A homage to the «crystal of kings», the «Louis» with cognac, apple, lime, ginger ale and mint leaf, bids a warm welcome to this royal enclosure. In the dining room, one wall is adorned with 576 crystal tiles that illuminate the space with ever-changing reflection­s. Chairs upholstere­d in velour show off a full palette of deep colors: pistachio, empire green, fuchsia and ruby red. On the dining tables, a variety of glasses - Harcourt, Mille Nuits, Vega and Mosaïque - are the ultimate expression of an art of entertaini­ng that is admired the world over. At the heart of the small parlor, the soft light from the Sora chandelier designed by Eriko Horiki enhances the plasters from the manufactur­e placed on a console. The unique experience continues on the terrace, where eight guests can enjoy a more private lunch with a view over the Place des Etats Unis.


In the kitchens, a different kind of talent passionate­ly exhibits his expertise. Mathieu Méchéri, a young chef who learnt his craft with, among others, master chef Stéphane D’aboville at the Minipalais, proposes fresh cuisine inspired by the history of the company. Each dish very subtly evokes, with a stylish illustrati­on, the leading gures who left their mark on

The Cristal Room Baccarat shines with a new light. At the helm, our new chef proposes a highly refined menu reflecting the image of the Maison Baccarat, a symbol of excellence, craftsmans­hip and art of living.

Baccarat. Besides a few obvious references to the region from where the brand originated from, like the revamped quiche lorraine or mirabelle plum soufflé, our master gourmet heads South to the Mediterran­ean with a favorite of Princess Grace of Monaco, baked monkfish with Colonnata lard, stuffed conchiglio­ni, and basil pistou. He then heads Eastward with a roast saddle of lamb served with dried fruit bulgur and harissa. On the dessert side, the mango Pavlova is sheer magic on the taste buds and a celebratio­n of the very special relationsh­ip between Baccarat and the court of Russia. Other suggestion­s complete this invitation to a gourmet journey: each week, the chef takes pleasure in enhancing some of the great classics from French gastronomy. The supreme of roast chicken in sauce shares the same plate with mousseline of parsnip and nuts, with an added zest of aniseed emulsion. While the blanquette de veau (veal in white sauce) features an unexpected twist of coconut. The wine list also holds the promise of some amazing discoverie­s with any number of rare labels, including exceptiona­l bottles like the magnum of Saint Emilion Grand Cru or a 2010 Château Saint-louis, an incomparab­le pleasure to taste in Baccarat glasses. At the Cristal Room Baccarat, the menu reflects the heart and soul of the venue and makes each moment spent there an unforgetta­ble experience in the art of gastronomy. Before leaving, the Cristal Room invites you to visit the Baccarat museum and discover the grand fumoir of Marie-laure de Noailles, as designed by Jean-michel Frank in the 1920s. The legend lives on...

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 ??  ?? maison Baccarat, Paris, restaurant cristal Room ©Laurent Parrault
maison Baccarat, Paris, restaurant cristal Room ©Laurent Parrault
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