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When a fleeting moment captures an elusive one... Nicolas Cloiseau makes time stand still. He signs his creation, an “Everlastin­g Snowflake”, a study in sophistica­tion and contrasts. The interlacin­g of chocolate on a layer of caramelize­d almonds is a harbinger of Christmas in all its splendor. Set in snow, yellow gold or velvet, the snowflakes swirl in a delicate procession, a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Artistic piece in limited edition, made entirely by hand. One size only 145g Finely crafted disks of chocolate interlaced with 11 snowflakes in chocolate, set in the bottom of a mendiant with caramelize­d almonds. Finished with gold leaf, ivory velvet chocolate, shiny dark or satin milk chocolate.

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