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Serves 10-12


(for the choco­late sponge)

350g dark 70 per cent Valrhona choco­late

225g un­salted but­ter

3 whole eggs

400g caster sugar

400g self rais­ing flour

1.5 ta­ble­spoons bak­ing pow­der

(for the choco­late fill­ing)

100g Valrhona 70 per cent choco­late

125g Valrhona milk choco­late 150 ml dou­ble cream

150g but­ter

500g ic­ing sugar

The ganache ic­ing

225g 70per cent dark choco­late 125 dou­ble cream Method

Pre heat oven to 160ºC

Grease and line with bak­ing pa­per two 22cm round loose bot­tomed tins.

To make the sponge

Melt the choco­late, but­ter and 300ml of wa­ter in a pan and melt gen­tly over a low heat un­til smooth. Re­move from the heat and cool slightly. Break the eggs into a mix­ing bowl

Mix with a whisk then add the caster sugar mix un­til smooth. Grad­u­ally pour the choco­late mix over the egg mix­ture and stir un­til smooth. Sift over the flour and bak­ing pow­der and gen­tly mix un­til fully in­cor­po­rated

Di­vide mix equally into the two tins. Bake in the pre heated oven at 160ºC for one hour or un­til springy to the touch. Re­move from the oven, let the cakes rest for 10 min­utes be­fore re­mov­ing from the tin and putting on wire racks.

To make the fill­ing

Add the choco­late and cream to a bowl and gen­tly heat over boil­ing wa­ter un­til smooth.

Re­move from the heat. Add the but­ter and stir un­til smooth. Add the ic­ing sugar and mix un­til smooth. Set aside to cool un­til thick.

To make the ganache ic­ing Gen­tly heat the cream in a pan, add the choco­late and stir un­til smooth.

Slice each cake in half hor­i­zon­tally. Place one piece of cake onto a plate. Spread a third of the choco­late fill­ing onto the cake and re­peat three times so you have four lay­ers of cake and three lay­ers of fill­ing. Pour the ganache ic­ing over the top of the cake mak­ing sure it cov­ers the side of the cake with a pal­let knife. Set aside un­til firm and serve.

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