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Step 1

Choose a large a pot with good drainage holes and place a layer of gravel at the bot­tom to im­prove drainage; al­ter­na­tively a well-drained pot­ting mix (such as Cool­ings Pro­fes­sional Com­post 35L, £4.99) will also do the trick. Once you have your first layer of pot­ting medium in the pot, be­gin with your large, late­flow­er­ing bulb (tulips or anemones).

Place the bulbs close to­gether but don’t let them touch each other or the sides of the pot.

Step 2

Now add a layer of soil, and firm it down lightly around your bulbs. You can now plant your mid-spring layer (hy­acinths). Add more pot­ting com­post (the ‘pasta’).

Step 3

Plant your fi­nal layer of early bloomers (cro­cus). Cover them with pot­ting soil, add wa­ter and wait for the re­sults come spring.

The lasagne plant­ing packs are avail­able in three colour themes: pink-blue, red­pur­ple and white, £9.99 per pack.

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