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You no longer need to put up with mi­nor but an­noy­ing skin con­di­tions like skin tags and warts. They can be eas­ily treated – with­out both­er­ing your GP

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Some­time­sit’s the lit­tle things about our bod­ies that an­noy us most, like those skin tags, warts and ver­ru­cae that once we’d have asked our GP to treat. But due to an over-stretched NHS that’s no longer the case, un­less they are caus­ing a med­i­cal prob­lem.

Dr So­phie Shotter, founder of Il­lu­mi­nate Skin Clinic in Kings Hill, un­der­stands that even if some­thing isn’t painful or un­com­fort­able, you may just not like how it looks.


Skin tags are harm­less, skin-coloured growths that hang off, a bit like warts. Tend­ing to grow in ar­eas of fric­tion such as un­der the bra strap, around the groin and in the armpit, they can be both­er­some.

Dr Shotter says: “We use ei­ther cryother­apy or Ther­mavein to re­move skin tags, us­ing ex­tremes of ei­ther heat or cold to re­move them safely and per­ma­nently, with­out leav­ing a scar.”


Most peo­ple have a ver­ruca or wart at some point in their life. Warts can ap­pear on the hands, knees and even on the face, while ver­ru­cae are found on the soles of the feet. While not harm­ful, they can be itchy, un­com­fort­able and em­bar­rass­ing. Dr Shotter says: “A wart or ver­ruca is caused by a virus, which pro­tects it­self by build­ing up lay­ers of hard skin over the top. At Il­lu­mi­nate we use cryother­apy to treat both, re­mov­ing as much dead skin as pos­si­ble be­fore freez­ing to -79ºC for a pro­longed pe­riod of time.”


Most moles are com­pletely harm­less, and ev­ery­one has moles some­where on the body. Some peo­ple don’t like how they look and would like them re­moved for cos­metic rea­sons. Dr Shotter says: “While we have the tech­nol­ogy at Il­lu­mi­nate to re­move moles safely and with­out a scar, we al­ways in­sist that they are checked by a der­ma­tol­o­gist first.”


Dr Priya Car­ling: skin tag re­moval

“Ear­lier this year I no­ticed a small growth on my face, just un­der­neath my right eye. At first I thought lit­tle of it but it grew big­ger and started to in­ter­fere slightly with my vi­sion. I went to my GP who di­ag­nosed the growth as a harm­less skin tag and said I could ei­ther leave it or have it re­moved.

As a Doc­tor of Au­di­ol­ogy, a clear line of vi­sion is cru­cial to my be­ing able to see pa­tients and di­ag­nose hear­ing dis­or­ders, fit hear­ing aids and re­move ear­wax ef­fec­tively. The skin tag was be­gin­ning to ir­ri­tate me and was in dan­ger of af­fect­ing my daily work.

I ar­ranged a con­sul­ta­tion with Dr So­phie, who said that the skin tag could be re­moved us­ing cryother­apy (freez­ing) or Ther­mavein treat­ment. We agreed on Ther­mavein, which passes a small mi­crowave cur­rent through a nee­dle to re­move the skin tag.

No anaes­thetic was re­quired and the treat­ment it­self took just a minute or two. I felt only the tini­est sen­sa­tion dur­ing the treat­ment it­self for lit­er­ally a sec­ond. The skin tag had gone, leav­ing no scar, just a small mark which dis­ap­peared within 12 hours.

I would highly rec­om­mend Dr So­phie’s ex­per­tise to oth­ers, whether they need treat­ment for aes­thetic or pro­fes­sional rea­sons.”

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