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Woman loses leg in bus horror

A WOMAN had to have her leg amputated after stepping off a bus on to a metal spike.


Izzy Lloyd’s left foot was pierced by the debris as she alighted from an Arriva bus at its Maidstone depot.

The 49-year-old cleaner contracted the flesheatin­g bug necrotisin­g fasciitis after the wound became infected. The effects were said to be so severe it left her just “four hours from death”.

Ms Lloyd is now set to receive substantia­l damages from her then employers, Arriva Southern Counties Limited.

She had just finished cleaning a bus at Arriva’s Armstrong Road depot when the object pierced her shoe and penetrated her foot.

Her leg was removed in January this year after the incident in 2010. She is now unemployed.

Ms Lloyd said: “Going to work is not meant to result in a lifethreat­ening condition.

“The compensati­on I get will help me to move on with my life, but nothing could ever give me back the family time and lifestyle I had before.”

Judge William Birtles at the City of London Court said this week Ms Lloyd alighted from one of buses she had been cleaning into the engineerin­g bay.

He said: “On the floor there were pieces of metal, probably pop rivets, which should have been cleaned up and were not.

“Unfortunat­ely the wound became infected resulting in necrotisin­g fasciitis to her left foot and ankle.”

By the time she was admitted to hospital, she required emergency surgery to control the infection. Necrotisin­g fasciitis is a flesh eating bacteria which is little known or understood.

Ms Lloyd was represente­d by Unite.

The union’s director of legal services Howard Beckett said: “By the time she got to hospital she was told she was four hours from death, if the flesh eating condition was not treated immediatel­y.”

The scale of the damages is unlikely to be determined for at least a year.

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