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C-diff cases rise to nine at hospitals


CONCERNS have been raised over rates of C-difficile at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells hospitals.

Since April 1, nine patients have contracted the disease while staying at the hospitals, according to figures released by West Kent Clinical Commission­ing Group (CCG).

At a meeting of the CCG chief finance officer Ray Middleton said: “That is somewhat higher than we would expect given our target for the year.”

Board member Dr Gary Singh added: “C-diff cases going up to nine... is a bit alarming and we should certainly be keeping an eye on those.”

During the same period, a further six patients also tested positive for the bacterial infection, which affects the digestive system, but were believed to already be carrying it when they were admitted. The NHS says C-diff can cause life-threatenin­g complicati­ons, such as the swelling of the bowel. Those infected usually suffer diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and high temperatur­es.

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