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THERE was not much raw politics on offer at County Hall for the first meeting since the Conservati­ves nearly lost control thanks to UKIP’s surge in the polls. Civility seemed to be the watchword, with newly-elected chairman Cllr Eric Hotson declaring that he hoped the 84 members would make the chamber a “great debating chamber”. Off The Record doesn’t hold out much hope of that. We’ll keep you posted. As we will next time pigs are seen flying over County Hall. THE consensual spirit was in further evidence with a declaratio­n from Conservati­ve leader Paul Carter that he wished for an end to “yah boo” politics and hoped there would be “constructi­ve opposition”. Of course, politician­s who decry the negative style of politics that does turn ordinary punters off are often the first to lapse into it. Mr Carter just about contrived to keep good to his word – although he slipped in a few asides about the UKIP bunch not understand­ing the allowances report – but Labour was having none of it. Leader Gordon Cowan denounced in fervent language the ruling administra­tion, who he accused of prevailing over a failed authority and then went on to catalogue a litany of what he said were the council’s shortcomin­gs. Consensus? We will probably be kept waiting a while.

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