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Kent’s amateur weather man, Lester Gosbee, takes a monthly look at what could be in store for us for June. I am confident that this June will not equal the record-breaking wet June of last year. The first six days of June will be largely fine with only a small amount of rain. The weather will be much more changeable from 7th to 11th as the wind turns southerly, bringing warm air. This could trigger off thunder storms as temperatur­es reach 21-24C (70-75F), but much cooler in thundery downpours. The weather will be wet and cool from 12th to 16th, but there will be some brighter spells at times. Temperatur­es will be a disappoint­ing 15-18C (59-64F). The south west and the north west will have the best of the weather as it turns fine from 17th until 21st, but an easterly breeze will keep the coasts cooler. Temperatur­es will be at 22C (72F). It will become cool and thundery with longer spells of rain from the 22nd until the 28th, not a brilliant start to Wimbledon. The roof will be needed more this year than last, but temperatur­es will be on the rise towards the end of the month, with increasing amounts of sunshine. Sea temperatur­es at the beginning of June are 10C (50F), but will rise to 13c (55F) by the end of the month... too cold for me, but it will be better weather for the tourism industry than last June. A brief guide to June’s weather as I will write my next long range forecast in the next two weeks. If you would like a free copy of the full forecast, email me at: lester.

 ??  ?? Rising temperatur­es could trigger of storms
Rising temperatur­es could trigger of storms

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