Stop ap­peas­ing EU bu­reau­crats

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At a time when the NHS clearly needs more fund­ing, and when se­nior cit­i­zens are be­ing threat­ened with the with­drawal of their free TV li­cences to save money for the Vichy minded BBC, Theresa May and her fel­low quis­lings, ne­go­ti­at­ing from their knees, are pre­pared to of­fer their beloved EU many more bil­lions of pounds, so they can ef­fec­tively keep the UK un­der the thumb of Brus­sels. Al­most ex­actly 80 years ago the Bri­tish es­tab­lish­ment ap­peased con­ti­nen­tal bul­lies and, but for Churchill, would have cost us our democ­racy and free­dom. Have they learned noth­ing from his­tory?

The is­sue of the Irish border is a red her­ring, in­tro­duced by the EU as a means of at­tempt­ing to pres­surise the UK into grant­ing con­ces­sions. I cross the border be­tween the EU and Switzer­land at least four times every year with­out prob­lems, and there is no rea­son this can­not be the case be­tween North­ern Ire­land and Eire af­ter Brexit, while we should look upon threats from Don­ald Tusk about a No Deal Brexit in the same light as Br’er Rabbit re­garded be­ing thrown into the briar patch. If the Re­main­ers, with their blink­ered view of the re­al­i­ties of the EU, suc­ceed in hu­mil­i­at­ing the Bri­tish peo­ple in front of the en­tire world, by over­turn­ing the largest demo­cratic vote in our his­tory, then I have one mes­sage for them. When the in­evitable col­lapse of the Euro plunges our econ­omy into dis­as­ter, when they fi the pow­ers of the elected West­min­ster par­lia­ment have been fully trans­ferred to ap­pointed bu­reau­crats in Brus­sels, and when they see their sons and daugh­ters sent to fight in Ger­many’s wars, they should re­mem­ber that they will only have them­selves to blame.

Colin Bullen Douglas Road, Ton­bridge

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