Five DIY jobs to start work on this week­end

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1. If your gar­den needs an in­jec­tion of colour, flow­ers won’t last, but a DIY makeover will. Glazed gar­den pots are of­ten costly, but you can save a lot of money by paint­ing in­ex­pen­sive ter­ra­cotta pots and troughs – re­strict the paint to be­low the rim or paint the rim a dif­fer­ent colour for a two-tone look. Ron­seal Gar­den Paint (£15 for 2.5 litres un­til Septem­ber 21, B&Q) is ideal for this be­cause it can be used on ter­ra­cotta, but also on wood, brick, metal and stone, so you can co­or­di­nate your gar­den with­out hav­ing to buy dif­fer­ent paints for dif­fer­ent sur­faces. The paint is rain­proof in just an hour and comes in lovely colours. 2. Spend­ing the long week­end paint­ing your gar­den shed an eye-catch­ing colour is a fun thing to do, but first check if it has glass or Per­spex win­dow panes.

If it’s the lat­ter, be care­ful not to get paint on the Per­spex, or if you do, wipe it off straight­away be­cause you can’t scrape and clean dry paint off Per­spex, like you can glass, with­out ru­in­ing it. 3. Warm, sunny days are the ob­vi­ous time to do ex­te­rior re­pairs and paint­ing, al­though paint­ing in strong, di­rect sun­light and high tem­per­a­tures isn’t nec­es­sar­ily a good idea, as it can af­fect the fin­ish.

If your home’s ex­te­rior walls are painted, a fresh coat or two will pro­tect them ready for win­ter, as well as smarten­ing them up. As al­ways, do any prep thor­oughly first, such as scrap­ing off loose and flak­ing paint. 4. There are al­ways things to fix, so tackle all those lit­tle DIY jobs you never get around to in your home and gar­den. Take the new Ger­ber Cen­terDrive Multi Tool (£124.99, www. ger­ with you in­stead of car­ry­ing around dif­fer­ent tools. The Cen­terDrive folds right down and fits in a com­pact carry pouch that can be mounted on a belt, but has 16 fold-out tools, in­clud­ing pli­ers, blades, wire cut­ters and strip­pers, a file and a screw­driver and bits. 5. If the school hol­i­days has taken a toll on your home’s walls, you can start re­pair­ing holes and cracks safe in the knowl­edge that the new school term starts soon.

Deep holes can some­times be packed with kitchen roll, or some­thing sim­i­lar, to save on filler and time, or use a filler that’s ideal for big re­pairs, such as Toupret TX110 Ex­pert Rapid Dry­ing In­te­rior Filler (£11.99 for 2kg, Screw­fix).

This pow­dered filler is ex­cep­tion­ally good – it dries quickly, is easy to shape, and can be nailed and screwed into when set but, un­like some tough fillers, is easy to sand.

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The bank hol­i­day week­end is a great time to plan some DIY

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