A new lease of life for house­plants

BBC Gar­den­ers’ World pre­sen­ter and hor­ti­cul­tural ex­pert Alys Fowler has th­ese top tips for easy prop­a­ga­tion for house­plants

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If you’re short of house­plants but don’t want to fork out a for­tune on new ones, BBC Gar­den­ers’ World pre­sen­ter Alys Fowler says you can eas­ily boost your stock through prop­a­ga­tion.

She said: “Think of spi­der plants with all those hang­ing baby spi­ders just wait­ing to touch a bit of soil and send down roots.

“Other plants can eas­ily be di­vided. Off­sets, run­ners and suck­ers are another straight­for­ward way of cre­at­ing new plants.” But among the eas­i­est ways to in­crease your stock is to di­vide plants. Those which are suit­able for this method in­clude adi­antum, as­pidis­tra, ca­lathea, maranta, chloro­phy­tum and fit­to­nia. You can’t di­vide plants which have a single stem, such as climbers, or those which have leaves that arise from a single stem.

Alys said: “Di­vid­ing plants can of­fer them a new lease of life. If the older parts are in the mid­dle, for

Plant Love by Alys Fowler is pub­lished by Kyle Books, priced £18.99. in­stance, di­vi­sion will al­low the young, health­ier growth room to grow.”

Alys Fowler, au­thor of Plant Love, shows your how to prop­a­gate plants to boost your stock cheaply

Picture: Si­mon Wheeler/Kyle Books/PA Photo

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