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This is go­ing to be messy if you do it in­side! Spread out news­pa­per and have a sharp, clean knife to hand, along with clean plant pots which you want to trans­fer the di­vi­sions into, com­post and a place to wa­ter the plants.

Re­move the plant from its pot and lay it on its side. Aim to split it into two or three at most, as each new di­vi­sion needs shoots and roots and smaller pieces will have more trou­ble es­tab­lish­ing them­selves.

You may need to use a sharp knife to cut between the roots, al­though some­times you can gen­tly tease them apart. Aim to break as few roots as pos­si­ble. Once you have sep­a­rated the sections, repot them into new pots and com­post, gen­tly sprin­kling new com­post around the roots, then wa­ter them in. Keep your di­vi­sions shaded un­til they perk up. Some may flop over ini­tially, but they should re­cover. Don’t over­wa­ter them or you may drown them. Give them a fine mist to help keep tran­spi­ra­tion down. Take care to en­sure that each di­vi­sion has equal pro­por­tions of roots to leaves. If you have more leaves, trans­plan­ta­tion shock is likely. Di­vide ev­er­green plants in spring, to give them plenty of re­cov­ery time. Di­vide flow­er­ing plants af­ter they have bloomed and you can see new leaves grow­ing.

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