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System will get better, says MP


Ashford MP Damian Green says the situation at Folkestone’s ex-Debenhams will improve.

He said: “All of these places get better at it as they go along, frankly.

“If you are an early one, you might well have to queue, and that is obviously very unfortunat­e, but the main thing is having something open that can serve people from Ashford and Folkestone.

“And I understand they are getting through quite a lot there.”

The Charing resident says there is “definitely hope” in the current Covid-19 figures as national and regional rates continue to fall across the country.

“Like everyone else, I am fed-up of being locked up at home,” he added.

“I know everyone is desperate to get back to something like a normal life and I think our best chance of doing that is to be patient for a few weeks and then gradually unlock from March onwards.

“I think what we all need to know psychologi­cally is that this is going to be the last full lockdown, and that when we come out of this we can be confident that we won’t have to go through it again.

“If that means being quite cautious on the way out of this lockdown, then I think that is worth doing.”

Looking ahead to the end of the shutdown, Mr Green said “we are going to know on February 22 the steps we will take”.

He said: “I imagine what will happen is the schools will open first and some weeks after that the shops will open, then some weeks after that the pubs and restaurant­s.

“That is my personal view – I have no sort of insight into which way the government is thinking, but that would seem a sensible procedure to me.”

Mr Green was due to attend Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons yesterday (Wednesday).

■ At the end of January, Ashford's blood plasma donation centre in County Square reopened following a brief closure.

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