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Be satisfied with your good fortune


In reply to the asylum seekers of Napier Barracks, I should like to remind you that you entered this country illegally, you were as safe in Calais as you are here, though probably less well housed.

You should be grateful to have a roof of any kind over your heads, let alone being housed in a barracks which was adequate for our soldiers.

What makes you think that you

electors did not vote for this internatio­nal isolation and over the last three years every opinion poll has shown that we should remain as part of the most powerful and influentia­l force on the planet.

I have spoken to countless ‘Dans’ down the pub who tap the side of their noses and apparently know what goes on in Brussels - because they’ve seen it on the Internet. The ‘Dans’ of our world have been hoodwinked by the idea of ‘sovereignt­y’ and an ability to stand “on our own two feet and make our own laws”.

The Remainers’ arguments were simply borne of fact, while the Leavers pursued some sort of fantasy land of long-lost imperialis­m and self-entitlemen­t. The Leavers wanted to trade with the rest of the world without knowing that we traded with 220 countries and traded freely with a third of those through our EU trade agreements.

Ignorance was certainly bliss in that case! Polar bears in the Arctic and penguins in the Antarctic are simply begging for our services! We have always made our own laws and will continue to do so - there is no other way to stand up to the controllin­g global threat of the US, Russia and China - and a nice little break in Cornwall for the G7 will only enhance our now parochial role on the world stage.

Biden already recognises that the power-brokers in Europe are in Paris, Berlin and Brussels, and as much as poor, dishevelle­d Boris tries to shout about our worthiness, it will fall on deaf ears. But there must be hope – the next generation will carry us back into Europe and all its benefits for us in time once this shoddy example of imagined progress has been usurped.

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