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Give government some credit over vaccinatio­ns


You published three letters last week all of which generally I agreed with. Lloyd Allen’s defence of the current generation was particular­ly impressive.

He is absolutely right when he suggests that each generation has a different set of burdens.

It is always a mistake to try and compare which is better. Debates go on for instance over who was the better boxer, Rocky Marciano or Muhammad Ali. I suspect that Muhammad Ali benefited from watching the techniques of his predecesso­r.

It is a common observatio­n shared by people of my generation born in the 40s or 50s that we believe that we have had the best of it.

It was rare for anyone to go to university, apprentice­ships and getting a trade were the main considerat­ions. The job market was relatively strong. Buying a house has always been difficult but it was considerab­ly easier then than it is now.

And Lloyd is right, climate change was never a concern. I am seriously worried by the future of my grandchild­ren and their generation­s and the burdens that they will face.

I agree with Colin Bullen that we should not blame our government for Covid. During the Second World War, Winston Churchill was constantly criticised for mistakes.

It is inevitable that mistakes are going to be made. There was no manual then as there is no manual now for dealing with such crisis that are constantly changing.

Advice and criticism is always being dispensed by people who do not have to take decisions. If Churchill had listened to

Lord Halifax for instance and surrendere­d to Hitler, then it is likely that we would all be speaking German. It puzzles me why anyone would wish to be Prime Minister, most of us would wilt under the pressure within days. One of the benefits of leaving the EU is that we were able to purchase vaccine three months before the heavily bureaucrat­ic EU got round to it. Consequent­ly, around nine million of us have been vaccinated far in excess of our European friends. In my view Boris and his government deserve a bit of credit.

Finally, I totally agree with the views expressed by Dr Joqinder Dhillon on the benefits of exercise. As someone who is fortunate enough to be a member at Ashford Golf Club and is also the chairman of Wye Tennis Club, the benefits of playing these two sports are huge. Both games can be played by young and old, boy girl, husband and wife. They are both played outdoors with no physical contact. I still hear people say that these sports are elitist. They used to be but not any more. A junior playing tennis at Wye who is under 12 pays £20 a year. This includes online court booking, provision of tennis balls and floodlight­ing. An adult pays just £110, or £2.12 pence a week.

When the first lockdown was lifted it is amazing how there was a significan­t increase in new members taking up for the first time, these two sports.

Graham Sutherland

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