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Garages get anti-theft markers


Garages around Ashford have been provided with special kits to prevent catalytic converter theft.

Police have supplied permanent security-marking kits to several garages in the town, so mechanics can mark the much-stolen part when servicing cars.

If the engine part is then stolen, it will be harder for the thieves to sell on, and easier to locate, identify and return to the owners if it is recovered by police.

The markings will also help identify and prosecute offenders.

Catalytic converters are found in the exhaust system of vehicles and reduce the output of toxic gases and pollutants.

Criminals sometimes steal them because they aren’t easily identifiab­le and can be sold on for the precious metals found inside them.

As well as the introducti­on of the kits, officers have been carrying out patrols in the district where thefts have been reported and working with scrap metal dealers.

■ Vehicle owners interested in the kits must email the community safety unit at csu.ashford@

Motorline Toyota, Motorline Peugeot and the KwikFit garage in the town have a supply of the kits.

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