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‘Power brokers’ are best advert for Brexit


As I read Andrew South’s letter (‘Next generation will take us back to Europe’), I became at first incredulou­s and then angry.

However, I find it quite difficult to respond without being stuck with one of the many ‘labels’ he dished out.

The turning point was his reference to ‘Poor dishevelle­d Boris Johnson’ compared to ‘The power-brokers in Paris, Berlin, Brussels.’

These must be the ‘powerbroke­rs’ that have made such a wonderful job of the EU Covid vaccinatio­n programme that a major German newspaper ran a headline stating that the UK vaccinatio­n programme was the best possible advertisem­ent for Brexit.


The EU is a slow, unelected and imperious bloc and when it messes up it expects everyone else to pay.

Witness Ursula von der Leyen imposing a hard border without consulting the Irish Prime Minister.

Her fingers were well and truly ‘burned’ though and she was forced to quickly retract but what a way to run any organisati­on.

The Union Flag flies proudly here, I am in my eighth decade, have six grandchild­ren and two great-grandchild­ren, none of whom are to my knowledge keen on ‘taking us back to Europe’, the opposite in fact.

But never mind Andrew, if you feel so set and sure in your beliefs then why don’t you up sticks and go and live there?

Me? Well to loosely quote Winston Churchill: ‘Given the choice between Europe and the open sea, always choose the open sea.’ How very Imperialis­tic of me! Go Boris!

Alan King

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