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EU has shown its true colours

- Colin Bullen

Andrew South must live in a fantasy world where, like the Red Queen in Alice, he can believe six impossible things before breakfast.

He claims that the UK is a ‘Remain’ nation, thereby arguing that all those who chose not to vote in the 2016 referendum were supporters of Remain, a totally baseless assertion, while his belief that support for Remain has increased is laughable, when even well known commentato­rs who opposed Brexit are now admitting that they were wrong. I have yet to meet one person who voted Leave who has changed their mind, in contrast to many who are now regretting their vote to stay.

The recent behaviour of the European Commission relating to the availabili­ty of vaccines against Covid has torn away the mask that the EU has worn of being a benign entity. The Eurocrats, having demonstrat­ed fully that they are totally incompeten­t, by their failure to order the necessary number of jabs, then proved their arrogance by their bullying attempts to deprive the UK of our supply, which we ordered months before they did.

Their attempts to impose a hard border in Ireland prove that the EU was always just using the Irish, about whom they care nothing, as dupes in their attempt to undermine Brexit. This fiasco is the direct result of handing power to make vital decisions to a bunch of corrupt apparatchi­ks, who are more concerned with preserving their gravy train of the European project than they are in saving the lives of their fellow citizens.

Mr South clearly has no understand­ing of the way in which we were becoming increasing­ly subject to laws made in Brussels, and only

Brexit has prevented this process from continuing apace. As far as free trade is concerned we are already making agreements with countries around the world, something we could not have done had we remained inthe

EU. He chooses to belittle his own nation but we remain as the most important military power in Europe after Russia. Global Britain is rising to take the place of the little province of a single European state he clearly prefers

Rather like the King with no clothes the truth about the EU is clear to any who choose to look. It is a wretched, dysfunctio­nal and protection­ist bloc which, if only the citizens of its individual member states were given the chance to vote on leaving, would soon join Communism in the dustbin of failed political experiment­s.

I felt I should make one last attempt to make my point to Mr Anning, in the hope that I can break him out of the delusion that his generation is somehow ‘more discipline­d’ than any generation following.

Mr Anning, there are segments of your generation who are as undiscipli­ned as segments of my generation. Likewise, there are segments of your generation who are as discipline­d as segments of my generation.

Believe me, when I saw the same news stories of the police breaking up house parties I was equally as angry as yourself. However, do not forget there was also a 400 person wedding that occurred in North London in late January. I suspect that had a variety of ‘generation­s’ in attendance. To load all the deaths from Covid on the shoulders of younger generation­s is so wrong it borders on absurdity.

When you walk through the town, there are many people of older generation­s sitting on the benches and talking. Clearly this example will not be on the news but these interactio­ns are still spreading the virus. Whenever you next go out to the supermarke­t or the town, I implore you to actually actively look around and watch some members of every generation, including your own, fail to follow the rules.

Lloyd Allen

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