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We must blame the government


It seems that our utterly incompeten­t government is not to blame for the worst coronaviru­s deaths, certainly in Europe, possibly in the world (by population), according to Colin Bullen. It is the real fault of “the bureaucrac­y of the NHS... and the politicall­y motivated teaching unions”.

Get real Mr. Bullen. Are you really saying that the NHS is not doing a fantastic job? That teachers are not on the point of exhaustion because many of them are in school trying to teach day after day, having to organise (eg: food for the children who are classified as vulnerable or whose parents are key workers), whilst also trying to teach online those children lucky enough to have internet access?

Then Mr Bullen suggests we have all been duped by ‘the Chinese Communist Regime’.

Some of us dumb old fools object strongly to Mr. Bullen’s views, I think we are entitled to an equal say.

Someone once called that “free speech”. S.J. Harrowell

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