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No one knows when ‘normality’ will return

- Stuart Barton Our columnist with his own view of the world

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

There must, surely, be others who are fed up with prediction­s (guesses, more likely) as to when this and that restrictio­n is to end and bits of life will return to ‘normal.’ It is, of course all media-driven. There’s not a TV or radio or newspaper edition in which some self-important idiot asks this minister or that to predict our future.

The fact is, it can’t be done.

Within the bounds of the constantly changing pandemic, and particular­ly within the mind of our constantly vacillatin­g Prime Minister, no one can predict with any degree of accuracy when this or that restrictio­n many be safely (and I stress safely) be lifted.

Schools will open in February, March, April, May. Or perhaps not.

Major sporting events?

Pubs and restaurant­s?

No one can say with even the remotest degree of certainty.

The TV interviewe­rs are the most irritating

- like small children constantly asking ‘Are we nearly there yet.’

TheTV interviewe­rs are the most irritating like small children constantly asking: ‘Are we nearly there yet.’

I was amused to read the letter last week from the elderly gent who told us how he and his fellow National

Service conscripts had opted to sleep in a cold barrack room rather than light the stove which would have to be cleaned prior to the morning inspection.

In some curious way he used this as a kind of justificat­ion for the reported lack of adequate heating in the

Napier Barracks, where all kinds of people from all kinds of background­s have been lumped together to await their individual fates.

Under internatio­nal law, people are entitled to travel to any country of their choice, provided they do so openly and don’t sneak in. They are then entitled to apply for refugee status and/or citizenshi­p of that country. Only when they are smuggled in is their behaviour classed as ‘illegal’, in which case it is the behaviour, not the individual that is illegal.

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