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Presenters need lessons in good manners


I couldn’t agree more with the comments of Colin Bullen regarding the interviews by the BBC presenters especially on the morning programme, Breakfast.

With the exception of one in the early part of the week who usually maintains her courtesy and good manners, they are arrogant, rude and aggressive, constantly interrupti­ng and asking the Minister “don’t you understand”?

Of course the Minister understand­s. Unlike the presenter, he and his department has probably been up most of the night and will be working all through the next day and night, 24/7, and not for the inflated salaries that the presenters enjoy.

They seem to think that it is clever to challenge and try to prove the minister wrong on something they may have said six months earlier in totally different circumstan­ces. They treat it as a game.

These presenters should go back to doing what they are best at, reading from a teleprompt!

But not before they have been on a course of courtesy and good manners.

David Fillery

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