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Never let it be said that Arnold Sch­warzeneg­ger is pre­cious about trad­ing on past glo­ries. We’ve known for some time now that he’ll be repris­ing his role as Co­nan the Barbarian/De­stroyer in King Co­nan, and then a cou­ple of months ago news ap­peared that he would be do­ing a se­quel to Twins with Danny DeVito (and Ed­die Mur­phy as the hi­lar­i­ous third brother they never knew they had – oh, just imag­ine the hi­jinks and race-based mishaps). Now, comes the an­nounce­ment that Arnie is re­vis­it­ing the role he is most fa­mous for, The Ter­mi­na­tor. The 65-year-old has re­vealed that he is go­ing to star in the fifth Ter­mi­na­tor film, with pro­duc­tion start­ing in early 2014. It makes sense for him to ap­pear, af­ter all, he IS The Ter­mi­na­tor, but I’m slightly wor­ried he is go­ing to be star­ring. How much ‘star­ring’ is a 65-year-old go­ing to be able to do in an ac­tion movie? Or is Para­mount go­ing to use all its bud­get on CGI? Urgh, I hope not. The pro­ject still doesn’t have a di­rec­tor at­tached, but with Arnie on­board, I’m sure they’ll be queu­ing up. She has dipped her toe in a shal­low pool of smaller pro­duc­tions, but now it seems Emma Wat­son has signed up to her first big post-Pot­ter gig. The English ac­tress is re­turn­ing to fan­tasy cin­ema af­ter agree­ing to play the lead in Queen of the Tear­ling; ap­par­ently a Game of Thrones-style epic. Set 300 years af­ter an en­vi­ron­men­tal catas­tro­phe, Wat­son will play 19-year-old princess Kelsea Glynn who must de­feat the evil Red Queen who reigns over the king­dom of Tear­ling. The Tear­ling se­ries was cre­ated by Erika Jo­hansen and in­spired by, of all things, a 2007 speech by then-can­di­date Barack Obama. Jo­hansen signed a seven-book deal in Fe­bru­ary and the first novel in the se­ries is due next year. Yeah, seven books and a movie be­fore the pub­lic has even read a word. Warner Bros, which over­saw the Harry Pot­ter films, has ac­quired film rights to the en­tire book se­ries and the films will be pro­duced by David Hey­man, who also pro­duced the Pot­ter movies. And now for the least sur­pris­ing news of 2013. Warner Bros has fast-tracked a se­quel to the new Su­per­man film, Man of Steel, with writer David Goyer and di­rec­tor Zack Sny­der al­ready signed up. Christophe­r Nolan is plan­ning to step back as pro­ducer this time and al­though it’s not yet of­fi­cial Henry Cav­ill is very likely to play the lead again. I’m al­ready look­ing for­ward to a Man of Steel se­quel, not be­cause the first film is so spec­tac­u­lar, but be­cause it isn’t. While it’s a per­fectly en­joy­able film, it doesn’t have the spark, heart or hu­mour of other re­cent su­per­hero films, and it doesn’t ever reach that next level, that point where you think “Damn, this is fun. I’m glad I’m watch­ing it.” It’s a steady, good­look­ing movie, that rein­tro­duces char­ac­ters who were mis­treated in 2006’s Su­per­man Re­turns. Now we’ve had the ‘this is Su­per­man, and this is what he’s about’ story, I’m hope­ful that part two will be the film that in­jects some more fun, per­son­al­ity and depth into the fran­chise. It can hap­pen – look at the jump be­tween X-Men and X2. Man of Steel isn’t a dis­ap­point­ment, but it’s not the film we were wait­ing for, ei­ther. There’s even more pre­ma­ture su­per­hero movie book­ing go­ing on. Even though the sec­ond film isn’t fin­ished yet, and the reaction to the first wasn’t as pos­i­tive as ev­ery­one ex­pected, The Amaz­ing Spi­der-Man 3 and 4 have been an­nounced, for June 2016 and May 2018. Sony Pic­tures’s vice-chair­man Jeff Blake said: “Spi­der-Man is our most im­por­tant, most suc­cess­ful, and most beloved fran­chise, so we’re thrilled we are in a po­si­tion to lock in th­ese prime re­lease dates over the next five years.” Which is true. But it’s also a sign of the stu­dio nailing down its favourite dates be­fore any­one else can. So, while we don’t yet know who is go­ing to ap­pear in the new movies, or even what the sto­ries will be, at least we can mark down dates five years hence in our cal­en­dars. In the mean­time, Spidey 2 hits the UK on April 18, 2014.

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arnold Sch­warzeneg­ger has said ‘I will be back’ for the fifth ter­mi­na­tor film

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