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Queen Rock Montreal Disney+

In November 1981, Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon played the last two concerts in their The Game tour at the 18,000seater Montreal Forum. The gigs were recorded for posterity, with the resulting film receiving a remastered DVD release in 2007. Since then it’s appeared on IMAX screens and Blu-ray, and is now making its way onto the streaming service. “I t’s like being on stage with the band because the cameras are very high quality for the time,” claims Taylor. “I’ve never seen anything that makes you feel quite so involved with the performanc­e.” Look out for memorable renditions of such classic songs as We Will Rock You, Killer Queen, Somebody to Love and, of course, Bohemian Rhapsody.

SERIES Grown-ish Disney+

The teen comedy-drama series is back for its sixth and final season, during which we continue to learn about Junior’s university adventures. Viewers will still get an opportunit­y to catch up with the rest of the Johnson clan too, including big sis Zoey. The series begins as the gang gather to attend a music festival before going their separate ways for the summer. Junior, meanwhile, has lots on his mind, including choosing a major and his relationsh­ip with Annika. Marcus Scribner stars.

DOCUMENTAR­Y Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal Netflix

Founded in 2002, Ashley Madison is an online dating portal “to find discreet relationsh­ips of all kinds” that advertises under the provocativ­e banner: Life is short. Have an affair. In 2015, the website made headlines when hackers stole the data of users and exposed intimate secrets that destroyed marriages and lives. This threepart docuseries relives one of the most notorious internet leaks of the 21st century including testimony from people who used the site.

SERIES Outer Range Amazon Prime

Science fiction and the Western are not easy bedfellows, but the unusual mix worked in the first run of Outer Range. In this new series, Josh Brolin returns as Royal Abbott, a Wyoming rancher who discovered a mysterious void in his field, just as a mysterious stranger arrived. Now Royal and his family are set to face danger from a number of sources, all while struggling to cope with the disappeara­nce of his granddaugh­ter. Meanwhile, the void is still there, keeping the Abbotts in its mysterious thrall.

SERIES The Big Cigar Apple TV+

Joshuah Bearman is best known for writing the article on which Oscar-winning film Argo was based; it retold how the CIA used the shooting of a fake sci-fi movie as cover for the rescue of American embassy staff from Tehran. In 2012, he published another story, this time in Playboy magazine, in which politics collided with Hollywood again. His focus was on Black Panther founder Huey Newton’s efforts to flee the US and make it to safety in Cuba, with help from famed producer Bert Schneider. It was an elaborate plot but, as we’re about to discover, not one that went exactly to plan… Andre Holland and Alessandro Nivola play Newton and Schneider respective­ly, while Don Cheadle (who was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor in Hotel Rwanda) directs.

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