Kerrang! (UK)


Waking Up Dead


(Bad Mofo/cargo) KKKKK

FOR FANS OF: Social Distortion, Guns N’ Roses, Atreyu

■ California-based tearaways Bullets And Octane have been fairly quiet since the release of their 2013 album 15, itself only their first release since 2009. In the five years since their last record, frontman Gene Louis has taken time out to pursue a more mellow solo career which has yielded an album (The Naked Truth) and a string of singles. But finally, his main band are back with their seventh work, and the good news is that they’re just as truculent as ever. Bad Mother Fucker and the title-track are combustibl­e balls of punk fury and set the tone for the nine tracks that follow. When We Were Young unclenches its fist for a moment and reflects on their days as a fresh-faced Missouri band struggling to make it in their new Los Angeles home, and Fuck You Song would happily sit on a daytime rock radio playlist if it weren’t for its sweary chorus. While Waking Up Dead isn’t breaking new ground by any stretch, it’s good to have them back.

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