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(ANONY­MOUS PUP­PET MASTER) How did Pre­quelle all come to­gether?

“I started work as soon as we got off the last cy­cle of tour­ing. Well, we started in the stu­dio mi­dau­gust 2017, so be­fore we played Blood­stock, we’d kicked it off in the stu­dio. How­ever, we didn’t start with a blank can­vas. I al­ready had a pretty vague idea of where some tracks and el­e­ments were go­ing, but the­mat­i­cally I al­ready had a very clear idea of what the al­bum would be about, even be­fore Me­liora [2015]. This was al­ways go­ing to fol­low it. Mak­ing Me­liora, I al­ready had the two al­bums in mind and pre­sented both to the pro­ducer, and he chose and said, ‘I want to do Me­liora.’ It’s never done start to fin­ish in one go with Ghost. We’re al­ready com­pil­ing stuff for the next al­bum. But then you can take a lot of dif­fer­ent turns with it – things get in­ten­si­fied in the stu­dio, 10am–6pm. That’s when you work on it and things change.”

How easy is it to make things like the sax­o­phone freak­out on Mi­asma hap­pen? Do you play?


“When I write a song, I write ev­ery in­stru­ment. This is how the drums go, this is the gui­tar, the bass… It’s like a com­po­si­tion. If I was to choose one in­stru­ment that I do the most on, it’d be the gui­tar, but I am also a drum­mer, I can play bass, a lit­tle bit of key­boards. I’m more of a song­writer than I am an in­stru­men­tal­ist. For this record, if there’s a sax­o­phone part, I can hear it in my head, but I can’t do it my­self, so I call some­one who’s re­ally good at sax. It’s the same way you have a di­rec­tor telling an ac­tor how to say a line: ‘This is what I want it to con­vey.’”

There’s a heavy theme about sur­vival and the plague on the al­bum. How come?

“I wanted to do Me­liora as a god­less al­bum, and this as God’s wrath – the plague. The time was right for that, with the world as it is – but one in Ghost’s own style.”

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