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FOR FANS OF: Shel­lac, Un­wound, Big Black ■ On their third al­bum, Brook­lyn’s Big Ups con­tinue to ex­plore the ex­tremes of their loud-quiet slacker-punk dy­namic with ex­tra bru­tal­ity and nu­ance. Imag­i­nary Dog Walker, for ex­am­ple, starts with vo­cal­ist Joe Galar­raga talk­ing in mono­tone over a sparse and hypnotic melody. Lit­tle by lit­tle, the track in­creases in in­stru­men­ta­tion and in­ten­sity un­til it’s a dystopian drone of noise rock that would make Steve Al­bini jeal­ous. But after ex­plod­ing with vis­ceral, ni­hilis­tic force, it qui­etens down to barely a pulse, be­fore det­o­nat­ing once again with even greater fury. Else­where, Try­ing To Love is full of un­set­tling, off-kil­ter ten­der­ness, PPP is a blast of vi­cious post-hard­core and In The Shade is a mes­meris­ing but chaotic swirl of weird noise. A com­pelling, dizzy­ing blend of chaos, com­mo­tion and beauty, these eight tracks are the sound of an en­tire world hav­ing an ex­is­ten­tial cri­sis be­fore burn­ing up in flames. MIS­CHA PEARL­MAN

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