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FOR FANS OF: Black Sab­bath, Elec­tric Wiz­ard, Can­dle­mass ■ Tak­ing its name from Hein­rich Kramer’s in­fa­mous trea­tise on witch­craft, the Malleus Malefi­carum, Witch­sor­row’s fourth LP Hex­en­ham­mer sees the Hamp­shire doom­ster trio un­shackle their finest, most un­re­servedly cat­a­clysmic sounds to date. No­tably bleaker than 2015’s ex­cel­lent No Light, Only Fire sound­scape, the mis­er­ab­list trio’s ca­coph­ony this time comes shaded in and washed out with hope­less­ness and squalling dis­tress. Fleet­ing in­tro Malefi­cus proves de­cep­tively in­con­se­quen­tial, but each of the six re­main­ing tracks leave their mark. The fu­ne­real ti­tle-track blud­geons through – a mono­lith of tor­ren­tial, pri­mal de­spair. The Devil’s Throne stokes the flam­ing pyre with a more up­tempo, Lu­cife­rian at­tack. Demons Of The Mind trawls in the depths of the hu­man psy­che on ir­re­sistibly heavy metal hooks. By shat­ter­ingly un­hinged closer Like Sisy­phus, you’ll be night­mar­ishly spell­bound – un­der their hex with­out hope of es­cape. SAM LAW

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