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Kerrang! (UK) - - New Noise -


hen I am out Djing I ab­so­lutely love blast­ing out up­com­ing bands to see how their tunes sound on mas­sive sound sys­tems.

I stuck Black­pool’s Raven­face on while I was work­ing at a gig re­cently, and was ab­so­lutely floored by how enor­mous they sounded. Their tune Fight­ers is a tech-metal fan’s dream. It’s got riffs that are so un­be­liev­ably com­pli­cated, yet so ef­fort­lessly played, that it sounds like the gui­tarists are play­ing them with mind rays. Add a lead vo­cal pro­vided by the lungs and lar­ynx of James Denton (of No Sin Evades His Gaze fame) and these guys land squarely in the camp of Ones To Watch. Em­brace the ‘Face, peo­ple.

It was ac­tu­ally dur­ing the de­mo­li­tion of a pizza, while watch­ing Thun­der videos on Youtube, that Jack Or­mond­prout, the gui­tarist from Raven­face, in­tro­duced me to my next band, Crys­tal Lake. They’ve got re­ally strong While She Sleeps vibes, and a tech­i­ness that re­minds me of Howard Jones from Light The Torch/ Kill­switch En­gage’s old band, Blood Has Been Shed. One mo­ment you’re float­ing away on an am­bi­ent met­al­core cloud, the next you’ve got a fu­ri­ous blast beat be­ing forced down your gul­let. They are gen­uinely sur­pris­ing – check them out at this year’s Tech-fest in July.

Ex­per­i­men­tal elec­tronic two-piece San Scout may not be a rock band in the nor­mal sense, but bloody hell do these Lon­don­ers rock! These guys grew up read­ing Ker­rang!, and there’s an in­tox­i­cat­ing thread of ach­i­ness within their am­bi­ent sound that only peo­ple who truly un­der­stand the dark side could cre­ate. See if you can hear it for your­self – find them on my brand-new Al­low Me To In­tro­duce… playlist on Spo­tify right now, light some can­dles and go for it.

Talk­ing of alt.elec­tro vibes, have you checked out tillie yet? Her mu­sic is so god­damn cool it sounds like it be­longs on the sound­track to the movie Drive. Un­like some artists do­ing this sort of thing, how­ever, it’s 100 per cent not try-hard. Part­g­wen Ste­fani, part­cyndi Lau­per, tillie cre­ates mu­sic that’s so catchy your nan will be singing it while you tear through her wardrobe try­ing to find some snappy vin­tage pieces to go along with the mu­sic, you great big icon, you.

Fi­nally, I just can­not stop lis­ten­ing to moody solo guitar bloke Kryer. His bluesy, swag­gery in­stru­men­ta­tion is only matched by a vo­cal that leaves you ask­ing your­self, ‘How is this guy not a house­hold name?’ It’s surely only a mat­ter of time be­fore he is, given how rapidly his star is as­cend­ing on­line. When peo­ple get hold of what he’s do­ing, they’re all go­ing to fall in love in­stantly. Jeff Buck­ley for a new gen­er­a­tion? Time will tell. And yep, that is big talk, but I re­ally do think he’s that good.




San Scout: Tea-riffic

Not cry­ing. Come on, mate, get on brand Raven­face: Sadly not ac­tual ravens Kryer:

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