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As the Dou­ble-o him­self says, “I’ve been out of Sabbath longer than I was in it!” And he didn’t do too badly af­ter they sacked him in 1979, did he? But, given how spec­tac­u­lar the shows on Black Sabbath’s The End tour were – not least their glo­ri­ous head­lin­ing slot at Down­load 2016 – the big man re­ally has his work cut out. And that’s on top of the fact that, at 69, Ozzy isn’t get­ting any younger.

But screw that. Be­cause while Ozzy is no spring chicken, what he’s proven time and again is that he’s still as mis­chievous and bereft of fucks as a naughty school­boy. He ad­mits he wor­ries about blow­ing his voice out at ev­ery gig, but he’s never been short of an imp­ish grin and a dev­il­ish glint in his eye to make you love him.

And now Zakk Wylde is shred­ding with him again, Ozzy and his band will be com­ing at Down­load like a tank. Al­beit a tank driven by a man throw­ing buck­ets of water ev­ery­where and say­ing, “Let’s go fuck­ing crazy!” ev­ery 30 sec­onds.

Rumours of an ex­tra act to the Sabbath re­u­nion refuse to go away, although Ozzy claims it won’t be with him, and that he wants to fo­cus on solo stuff. Well, mate, now’s the chance to re­mind us how great you are on your own. Bring it. MAIN STAGE Sun­day 20:50

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