Kerrang! (UK)



(DEBEMUR MORTI) KKKKK FOR FANS OF: Black Peaks, Thrice, Enter Shikari ■ With the popularity of the blackgaze movement growing ever more prominent, now would have been a good time for shapeshift­ing Norwegians Manes to return to their black metal roots. But instead, the’ve decided once again to warp themselves into a wholly different and intriguing beast, and have no desire to regress. Though evoking a plethora of bands, they still manage to fit in nowhere particular­ly comfortabl­y, and they are just as likely to bury themselves in swathes of throbbing electronic­a as they are brooding trip-hop, soaring alt.rock or despondent gothic gloom. As the album title suggests, speeding things along is not their priority, yet the surging, pulsating grooves driving Chemical Heritage, Therapism and opener Endetidste­gn are compulsive, and could get the most determined­ly immobile of arses shaking. If there’s a downside to Slow Motion Death Sequence, it’s that its dirgeish nature gets a little wearing in places, but then music this dark was never supposed to be outright easy-going, was it? DAN SLESSOR

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