JOSH FRANCESCHI from YOU ME AT SIX gives us the new sounds rock­ing his world…

Kerrang! (UK) - - New Noise -

Ilove dis­cov­er­ing new mu­sic. I think those mo­ments where you find some­thing re­ally bril­liant are why we all do it in the first place. When you dis­cover some­thing fresh and or­ganic, it’s like falling in love with some­body for the first time. You get that hon­ey­moon pe­riod with the band, and it’s just ef­fort­less and easy.

That said, my first choice aren’t new, but I’m not sure they’ve got as far as they need to. It’s a band called Circa Waves, who I only re­ally dis­cov­ered be­cause we shared the same man­age­ment. I think there’s some­thing re­ally fresh about them, and their last record [Dif­fer­ent Crea­tures] was a lot rock­ier than their de­but. I think they ex­hibit a lot of the things that peo­ple like about clas­sic song­writ­ing.

An­other band I re­ally like are An­teros, who are do­ing some­thing pretty cool and unique. I came across them when we were do­ing some stuff with Two Door Cin­ema Club. They’re dif­fi­cult to de­scribe, but they’ve got a re­ally nice vi­brancy and the singer [Laura Hay­den] has a crack­ing voice as well.

Some­thing a bit more off the pace is an artist called Tash Sul­tana. She’s like an Aus­tralian hippy who’s a one-woman band, so when she’s on­stage she does ev­ery­thing, play­ing all the dif­fer­ent in­stru­ments. It speaks vol­umes for her mu­si­cal tal­ent, and her songs are re­ally beau­ti­ful as well. An­other solo artist I like is Sam Fender. He’s got a great song called Play God, and it prob­a­bly won’t come as a sur­prise to a lot of peo­ple that I first heard it on the FIFA 19 sound­track. This song kept com­ing on and I kept think­ing it sounded like some­thing I would re­ally like and I should check it out prop­erly. I think he’s got a beau­ti­ful voice, his songs are very pure, and you’re drawn into them nat­u­rally and seam­lessly.

Ev­ery­one should check out Bil­lie Eil­ish, who’s blown up in the States. She’s got a very unique sound. I know I keep say­ing ‘unique’, but that’s the rea­son these peo­ple are on my list – I like to find things that are dif­fer­ent and far from mun­dane. She’s very fear­less and dif­fer­ent, and she’s re­ally young but she’s tran­scend­ing gen­res and ages.

My fi­nal pick is a band called half•alive. They’ve got a song called Still Feel that’s got a re­ally cool video. That’s how I found them – they just popped up on my Youtube. We were talk­ing about maybe do­ing some tour­ing with them in the States, which is a great thing about be­ing in our po­si­tion. We had re­ally good men­tors when we were com­ing through, and I re­mem­ber be­ing on Paramore’s bus, say, and just be­ing given an in­sight into the in­dus­try. If we can help a band out, or even just give them ad­vice so they don’t make the same mis­takes, it’s putting a lit­tle bit back into the scene.


YOU ME AT SIX ’s al­bum VI IS OUT NOW VIA UN­DER­DOG/AWAL. THE BAND are on TOUR in THE UK now – SEE THE GIG GUIDE for more de­tails

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