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You made this EP after you ex­tended the Blood Tour. What drove you to do that?

“When we re­turned from what we thought was the end of the Blood Tour, and then al­most im­me­di­ately had plans to go out again, but there were a few months be­tween those plans where we felt it ap­pro­pri­ate to re­lease some mu­sic, be­ing that we’d been out [on tour] so long on the same mu­sic. It didn’t work out that way on the time­line, be­cause we wrote – as we tend to do – count­less songs for The Miss­ing Man EP. I don’t know how many songs we wrote but far more than five, so by the time the songs were culled down to the five that we chose, we were al­ready on the road. But they’re fi­nally com­ing out and I’m very happy with the songs them­selves.”

Was there any less pres­sure mak­ing the EP com­pared to the al­bum?

“Hon­estly, no. It was quite the op­po­site, be­cause we were try­ing to get the mu­sic out be­fore we left for the tour, so there was lots of pres­sure for the time­line that we didn’t need. So we were work­ing un­der pres­sure, and dili­gently, to try to write four or five songs that were wor­thy of re­leas­ing im­me­di­ately on the heels of Blood, which we were very happy with. It’s al­ways daunt­ing writ­ing new mu­sic, be­cause it’s a mat­ter of chal­leng­ing your­self and find­ing some­thing that we’re happy with that we feel rep­re­sents us at the time.”

Were none of these songs demos from The Blood Al­bum, then?

“No. There were a lot of songs writ­ten for Blood – and even [2013’s] Buri­als – that I was re­ally hop­ing we could re­lease, but we started writ­ing, and new songs kept com­ing and kept com­ing, and gen­er­ally the new shiny thing is more ex­cit­ing for us to put out – even if no-one would know other­wise that the songs they hadn’t heard were older! But these were all writ­ten after Blood.”


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