Nanoångström (BLACK BOW)

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■ An Ångström is a unit of mea­sure­ment used when look­ing at the size of mol­e­cules. Thus, a Nanoångström is unimag­in­ably small. It’s these sorts of unimag­in­able di­men­sions un­pro­cess­able by hu­man senses you need to think in while lis­ten­ing to the sec­ond al­bum from Kingston doom trio Bast. The heav­i­ness of sludge feast Far Hori­zons is sim­ply beyond, but then it soon goes on a dark ex­plo­ration through the void, tak­ing in black me­tal, twisted prog-me­tal and a search for a sound that will un­lock your very brain. When they hit a more straight­for­ward stride, it’s like Mastodon gone black me­tal, but fre­quently this is chiefly more con­cerned with send­ing your mind into both the small­est cor­ner of in­ner space and the fur­thest reach of outer space. Win­terfyl­leth’s Chris Naughton lends his vo­cals to The Beck­on­ing Void and The Ghosts Which Haunt The Space Be­tween The Stars, but Bast don’t need to ex­pand any fur­ther – they’re al­ready at crit­i­cal mass. NICK RUSKELL


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