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than lie flat. This wouldn’t have mat­tered on tra­di­tional ca­bled jumpers as they are sewn up to fit the body, but I can see why you wouldn’t want it for a scarf. My sim­ple way of fix­ing this is to knit the ca­bles on a garter stitch back­ground. I al­ways like to write my ca­ble stitches in this some­what un­con­ven­tional way so that the pat­terns can be used for flat scarves as well as for jumpers and hats, etc.

NO PA­TIENCE! Why is it so im­por­tant to knit a gauge swatch be­fore knit­ting? I’m very im­pa­tient and al­ways just want to start knit­ting! Can I leave out this step? Sharon Hobbs, Glas­gow Sarah says: I know how you feel, I never used to like knit­ting swatches – but they are very im­por­tant. All knit­ters knit difffff­fer­ently; I knit tightly whereas other peo­ple knit loosely mean­ing that we have a difffff­fer­ent gauge de­pend­ing on the yarn and nee­dles that are be­ing used. Be­fore knit­ting you should al­ways knit a gauge swatch and mea­sure how many stitches and rows there are per cm to see if it matches the pat­tern. If it doesn’t then try the next nee­dle size up or down and knit an­other swatch – you may be ea­ger to start knit­ting but it will save you end­ing up with a jumper or hat that you can't wear be­cause it's the wrong size!

Bruce Weinstein's

Boyfriend Sweaters pub­lished by Pot­ter Craft, £19.99 hound­stooth cardi­gans for the more ad­ven­tur­ous knit­ters. The pat­terns have been de­signed with men in mind but are so ver­sa­tile you can wear them too.

KEEP IT SIM­PLE I find it hard to know what to knit for my boyfriend, I have made him jumpers be­fore and they haven’t been worn so I want to be sure he will like the next jumper I knit. Have you got any tips? Sharon Jones, Tenby Sarah says: Jumpers take a lot of work so it’s im­por­tant that it’s ap­pre­ci­ated when it’s done. I tend to find that men like sim­ple jumpers in dark neu­tral colours (ex­cept for socks!) with­out too much fancy de­tail­ing. I’d rec­om­mend the book ‘Knits Men Want’ by Bruce Weinstein (£11.99). Which goes through things men want out of their knitwear and match­ing pat­terns. Also I would ask him to help you pick the yarn and colour that he’d like it to be made in to make sure he’s happy be­fore you start on that big knit­ting project. CA­BLE & FAIR ISLE I love to knit Lacy com­pli­cated pat­terns but my other half doesn’t like the sound of a Lacy jumper - do you have any sug­ges­tions? Karen Davis, Lin­coln Sarah says: You don’t nor­mally see lacy men’s jumpers so it’s un­der­stand­able why he’s not so keen on the idea! Have you tried knit­ting a tra­di­tional ca­ble knit or fair isle jumper? This will hold your at­ten­tion sim­i­larly to a lace pat­tern and your other half will be thrilled with the end re­sult - ca­ble pat­terns are really on trend for men this sea­son! Choose a de­sign that

sim­ple and muted.



Ask your man to help you choose the yarn

tex­ure and colour.

Be­fore you start take your man's mea­sure­ments to make sure of the per­fect fit.

Find this great men's pat­tern in Knit To­day 114

Knits Men Want by Bruce Weinstein, pub­lished by STC Craft/A Me­lanie

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