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Our trio of knit­ters have the so­lu­tion for ev­ery prob­lem

KNIT OR PURL? I’m in the mid­dle of a row of 1 x 1 rib and I keep for­get­ting whether I should be knit­ting or purling... my rib keeps turn­ing into moss stitch. Help! I’ve un­done my knit­ting so many times I’m get­ting frus­trated. Vanessa Stubbs, Dux­ford Aneeta says: This hap­pens. All it takes is a mo­men­tary lapse of con­cen­tra­tion. Look at the stitches you have al­ready worked on your right-hand nee­dle. The knit stitches look like lit­tle Vs and the purl stitches look like hor­i­zon­tal lines. Once you learn to recog­nise your stitches you’ll find work­ing stitch pat­terns much eas­ier. LOOM PAT­TERNS One of the ladies at my knit­ting group knits with a loom as she has arthri­tis and finds it eas­ier. I have the same prob­lem and the lady has offfff­fered to lend me a loom to prac­tise on. Can you tell me where I can find some sim­ple pat­terns? Peggy Burns, Shirley. Jo says: There are lots of free tu­to­ri­als on YouTube and masses of free pat­terns­on­ The best project to start with would be a scarf – even if the loom is

SEPTEM­BER 2015 A tal­ented young de­signer who loves to cre­ate mod­ern home­ware us­ing su­per­chunky yarn cir­cu­lar it’s easy to make a rec­tan­gle by work­ing back­wards and for­wards. If you would like a book, ABegin­ner’s GuidetoKnit­ting­ona Loom does just what it says on the cover! It has more than 30 pat­terns to choose from and easy in­struc­tions on how to make the projects, which in­clude socks, hats, shawlss, scarves and jumpers. To buy the book for £7.99 go to ama­­where you can have a look in­side be­fore you buy!

BAN­ISH STATIC! Is there a way to get rid of static in my hand­knits? It’s putting me offffffff knit­ting! Denise Cleeves, Winch­ester. Jo says: Static will be dras­ti­cally re­duced if you can dry knits on the line or on a clothes dryer rather than putting them in the dryer. If this isn’t pos­si­ble, make sure you use fab­ric con­di­tioner in the fi­nal rinse and use a tum­ble dryer sheet in the dryer. Al­ways sep­a­rate gar­ments by type – just wool or just acrylic and use a dryer ball – as this keeps the knits from stick­ing to­gether; but, if you still have trou­ble af­ter tak­ing your gar­ment out of the tum­ble dryer, rub the clothes with a tum­ble dryer sheet. If all else fails try us­ing Flat­ter from Soak Wash Inc. ANEETA PA­TEL Jo is a pro­fes­sional knit­ting teacher, suc­cess­ful au­thor and has been knit­ting since she was 5! Spon­sored by Arte­sano Yarns

arte­ It’ss a new prod­uct that you spray on­nto the clothes, then cover them wi­ith a clean cloth and iron on a wwarm set­ting. Flat­ter can also be uused for block­ing knit­ting or ccro­chet – this time you spray un­til ddamp, pin out and then leave to ddry. The spray is sul­phate and sil­i­cone free, which makes it per­fect for sen­si­tive skin and the en­vi­ron­ment. Each bot­tle (£12) con­tains 284ml and is avail­able in four fragrances: Scent­less,Sc Cel­e­bra­tion, Fig, and Yuzu – all the scented ones smell won­der­ful. You can buy a bot­tle from the­lit­tleknit­ting­com­ or call 1367 710362 for mail or­der.

CURLY CA­BLES I love knit­ting us­ing ca­bles but I’m find­ing it hard to knit a ca­bled scarf as all the stitch pat­terns I find end up curl­ing up. Why is this and how can I knit a flat ca­bled scarf? Carly Watts, Cam­bridge Aneeta says: Ca­ble knit­ted pat­terns are tra­di­tion­ally knit­ted on a re­verse stock­ing stitch back­ground. This is when the purl is the right side and the knit is the wrong side. This means that the ca­bles that are knit­ted in reg­u­lar stock­ing stitch show up clearly on the right side of your knit­ting. How­ever as the base stitch is stock­ing stitch, it does mean that the knit­ted fab­ric will curl up rather


Loom knit­ting is a great way to knit if you have arthri­tis

JOANNA BEN­NER Jo is our tech­ni­cal ed­i­tor – no knit­ting nig­gle or cro­chet co­nun­drum is too tricky for her

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