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When pick­ing up and knit­ting along a hor­i­zon­tal edge, pick up ev­ery stitch. For a ver­ti­cal edge, pick up and knit a stitch two out of ev­ery three rows, or three out of ev­ery four rows. If you pick up ev­ery row on a ver­ti­cal edge it will flare out and won’t look good. It is usual to go down a nee­dle size when work­ing an edg­ing, again, to stop the edge flar­ing out. 1 Insert your right-hand nee­dle into cen­tre of the ‘V’ of your stitch and wrap the work­ing yarn around your right-hand nee­dle. 2 Pull the edg­ing yarn through the mid­dle of the picked up stitch. You have now got a sin­gle new stitch on your nee­dle. 3 Put your right-hand nee­dle back into the ‘V’ of the next stitch and re­peat un­til you have picked up and knit­ted the re­quired num­ber of stitches for your edg­ing.

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