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Fill your home with colour and boost a plain chair or sofa with this smile-in­duc­ing cush­ion from Erika Knight. Work it in the colours sug­gested or carve out your own colour wheel with muted tones of your choos­ing.

NOTES Short row shap­ing For the short-row shap­ing, when the in­struc­tions say ‘turn’ at the end of the row, this means that the re­main­ing stitches are not worked.

Wrap stitch To avoid cre­at­ing a hole when turn­ing on a knit row, work a wrap stitch – knit as far as in­structed, then slip the next stitch purl­wise onto the right-hand nee­dle, bring the yarn for­ward be­tween the two nee­dles, slip the stitch back to the left-hand nee­dle and take the yarn to the back be­tween the two nee­dles, turn, and purl to the end of the next row as in­structed.

Colour se­quence for cush­ion-cover top A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H

Colour se­quence for cush­ion-cover base H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A

CUSH­ION COVER TOP Us­ing A, cast on 42 sts. **Work in st st and short rows as fol­lows: Row 1 (RS): Knit. Row 2 (WS): Purl. Row 3: K to last 2 sts, turn (see note on above on how to ‘turn’ in short-row shap­ing). Row 4: Purl. Row 5: K to last 4 Row 6: Purl. Con­tinue work­ing in short rows as set, leav­ing 2 stitches more un­worked on ev­ery knit row un­til there are no more stitches to knit.**



This com­pletes the first colour seg­ment of the cir­cle.

Change to B and rep from ** to ** for next colour seg­ment pick­ing up and knit­ting wraps to­gether with each wrapped stitch.

Con­tinue re­peat­ing the pat­tern from ** to ** for each colour seg­ment un­til 8 seg­ments have been worked to form a full cir­cle, fol­low­ing the colour se­quence for the cush­ion-cover top. High­light your beau­ti­ful colour choices by making your tran­si­tions as neat as pos­si­ble

Do not cast off stitches, but join last seg­ment to first seg­ment by stitch­ing one stitch from nee­dle to cor­re­spond­ing stitch on cast-on edge.

CUSH­ION COVER BASE Work as given for cush­ion-cover top, but cast on with H and use colour se­quence for the cush­ion-cover base.

MAKING UP 1 Weave in any loose yarn ends. 2 Lay the work out flat and gen­tly steam on the re­verse. 3 Us­ing a length of yarn and a ta­pes­try nee­dle, gen­tly gather to­gether the small hole in the cen­tre of each piece and fas­ten se­curely. 4 Sew the top and base pieces to­gether, match­ing the colours along the seam and leav­ing an open­ing for in­sert­ing the cush­ion pad. Insert pad and stitch shut. 5 Insert the cush­ion pad and sew the open­ing closed.


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